Five Takeaways: Knicks Repeat 2nd Half Lockdown in Game 2

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1. The Knicks Lock Down on D


New York is taking care of an anemic Boston offense the way they should, holding the Celtics to 78 and 71 points respectively in each of the first two games. Much like in Game One, the Knicks defense evolved to a different level after halftime.
Of Boston's 36 shots, just 13 of them came at the rim. New York was doing a good job of forcing the Celtics to beat them from the perimeter, something they are not equipped to do. Jeff Green was once again a second half disappearing act and Paul Pierce was unable to make up for that. We'll get to Kevin Garnett in a minute. If we observe Boston's second half shot chart, we can see just how well the Knicks locked them down:
Celtics shot chart