Adjustments To Watch: Game 3

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Knicks Transition D


Jonah Ballow


In Game 2, Boston jumped out of its comfort zone and actually increased the pace of play.  The Celtics scored 11 of their 17 fast break points in the first half of action.  This development was startling, considering Boston only averaged 13.3 during the regular season.

While the Knicks can score in the open floor and possess gifted finishers for that type offense, they prefer a half court style of game.  Kenyon Martin voiced his displeasure for the easy buckets allowed by New York and vowed to reverse the defensive approach in Game 3.  A prime example of this breakdown occurred at the three-minute mark of the second quarter on a Raymond Felton missed free throw.  Boston immediately sprinted down the floor following the miss and finished a 2-on-1 fast break with a Paul Pierce layup.  At the time, the Celtics led 42-37.

By the end of Game 3, fast break points could tell the entire story.  Over 13 fast break points means the Celtics are converting on easy buckets and the TD Garden crowd is heavily involved.  Two scary propositions for a New York team in search of a commanding 3-0 series lead.

Photos by: Nathaniel S. Butler / Getty Images
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