Recipes For Success: The Ways The Knicks Can Attack The Celts

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High Pick-And-Roll

The Knick offense is deadliest when they get the high pick and-roll-going. Tyson Chandler is one of the league's most efficient roll men and Raymond Felton is one of the better pick-and-roll point guards in basketball. Felton is the key to the Knicks offense and he'll have his work cut out for him with the pesky Avery Bradley likely defending him. However, with the help of solid screens from Chandler or Kenyon Martin, he should be able to get into the paint and/or make the right passes.

I've spoken already to how Boston's interior defense is average. In earlier matchups, the Celtics really emphasized collapsing on Felton when he got into the paint:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.19.58 PM

When that happens, you get shots like this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.20.20 PM

If Boston plays "ice" on the pick-and-roll -- forcing the ball handler to go away from the screen -- Felton should be able to take advantage of the weak-side helper and kick the ball to an open shooter on the wing. If this doesn't result in a shot, the secondary ball handlers can call for a screen and run a pick-and-roll themselves. We've seen the Knicks have sets where they run two or three pick-and-rolls before the one that yields a shot. Anthony and Smith, in particular, grade out very highly as pick-and-roll ball handlers, so the Knicks would be smart to run the pick-and-roll early and often in games.

With Chandler and Martin back, the Knick ball handlers should look for them as well. Boston's defense ranks just 16th in defending roll men when they finish possessions, again largely due to the lack of rim protectors they have.

Boston isn't a particularly strong rebounding team. In fact, they're dead last in the NBA in total rebound rate -- the measure of how many available rebounds a team secures --and they're bottom-10 in defensive rebound rate. The Knicks will have good chances to grab offensive boards in a variety of ways. Chandler should absolutely dominate the offensive glass, and with Boston's lack of inside size, the "Tyson-tip out" will be in full effect. Given how many pick-and-rolls he'll be involved in, he'll have tons of opportunities for putbacks as well. Anthony has also been rebounding at a great clip over his past 10 games, grabbing 10 rebounds a game at a 16.9% rebounding rate. He'll have an advantage over whomever is guarding him.