Five Takeaways: The Knicks Get Their Biggest Win Yet In OKC

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2. Drive and Kick. Drive and Kick.


Offensively, the Knicks really excelled in drive-and-kick situations. What made them especially lethal yesterday is that it wasn't just one guy doing it. Lets focus in on two guys in particular: Ray Felton and Chris Copeland.

Felton's best trait as a point guard is his ability to get in the paint off the pick-and-roll not only as a scorer, but as a passer as well. Today much of the Knicks' perimeter shooting success resulted from Felton breaking down the Thunder defense and kicking the ball to open shooters. On top of his eight assists, Felton also had multiple 'hockey assists,' a stat that is not officially recorded. Felton also scored 16 points, with 9 of his 12 attempts coming at the rim. This was one of Felton's best offensive games of the year. When he's attacking the rim and the Knicks are hot shooting the ball, they are very hard to defend.

Whereas we've seen Felton penetrate and dish to the perimeter, we hadn't really seen this much from Chris Copeland. An offensively gifted player, Copeland's game is usually to put his head down and try and put the ball in the hoop, something he does do well. However, today he played not only a scorer off the dribble and in spot up situations, but a distributor as well. Rather than breaking down the defense in pick and roll situations, he used his ball handling ability and quickness to get into the paint mostly one-on-one off the dribble. The Thunder were collapsing on him and he did well to kick the ball out to open shooters, or to initiate the ball swinging around the perimeter.

Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images