Know The Opponent: Curry, Lawson, Lilliard

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Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors


Stephen Curry lit up the Garden with his transcendent 54-point performance two weeks ago. Fortunately, the Knicks made enough key defensive plays down the stretch to hold on for the win. In that game, Curry made an astonishing 11 of 13 three-point attempts, while shooting 18-for-28 overall.  He also dished out seven assists. Incredibly though, Curry was only assisted on four of his 18 made field goals, meaning he was scoring on isolations and in transition. For the season, Curry has been assisted on 41.7% of his baskets, but that figure was 22.2% against the Knicks.

It will be important for the Knicks to get the ball out of Curry’s hands as often as possible. Curry hit 10 of his 11 threes from the right side of the court, many of them on secondary break opportunities. The Knicks will need Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert to pick up and slow down Curry early in possessions to limit these chances. On isolations, the Knicks will need Tyson Chandler to step up and challenge Curry’s array of floaters, running jumpers, and up and unders. If they can slow down Curry, the Knicks should start their road trip off on the right foot.

Image by Jesse D. Garrabrant | Getty Images