Three Stats That May Surprise You

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Tyson Chandler – Attacking the Paint


Tyson Chandler leads all qualified players in field goal percentage this season at a whopping 64.9%. The only other player above 60% is DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers. It may not be a surprise that Chandler takes and makes most of his shots near the rim. The surprise comes from the concentration of his attempts in this area.

Of his 370 field goal attempts, all but 15 have come from less than eight feet away from the basket. With a mix of tip-ins, alley-oops, and put backs, Chandler keeps his entire offense as close to the rim as possible.

Sometimes the numbers show us a different way to look at something, and sometimes they confirm the eye test. This is one of the most extreme examples of advanced statistics confirming what we all see Tyson Chandler doing out on the court.