Know The Opponent: Monroe, Durant and Millsap

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Greg Monroe – Detroit Pistons


Greg Monroe is part of an intriguing young roster in Detroit. Andre Drummond has been sidelined since the beginning of February with a back injury, leaving Monroe to control the middle for the Pistons. In the 13 games since Drummond has been out, Monroe has increased his averages to 17.3 ppg and 10.3 rebounds. He’s shooting nearly 50 percent from the field and is dominating near the basket.

Monroe’s game is a lot like Tyson Chandler’s. Both big men make their living within eight feet of the rim on the offensive end. Monroe is not the defensive player Chandler is on the defensive end, but for a developing big man, he’s been impressive. Chandler will need to push Monroe off his spots on the block and force him into taking tough fall-aways and jumpers. Making Monroe work on the defensive end won’t hurt either, so look for the Knicks to run a steady diet of pick and rolls featuring Chandler.

Image by Jesse D. Garrabrant | Getty Images