Top Photos of the Week: Back to School

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By Nick Ranieri, Knicks Fan Since 1980

The Knicks got back into the swing of things after a fun All-Star weekend and have officially kicked off the second half of the season.

Carmelo Anthony was also honored this week with a ceremony at Syracuse College where the team retired his number on Saturday, February 23rd. Anthony played for Syracuse in 2003 and led them to their one and only NCAA championship. 

The NBA trade deadline also came and went which resulted in the Knicks making some changes to help them for now and in the future. Ronnie Brewer was traded for a future draft pick and Kenyon Martin was brought in to provide some toughness and veteran leadership down the stretch.

Overall, It was an action packed three game week so let’s get right into the highlights.

Pictures are from 2/20 vs. Indiana, 2/22 vs. Toronto, and 2/24 vs. Philadelphia

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant | Getty Images