Tyson Chandler: Master of the Tip-Out

By Alan Walsh, Knicks Fan Since ’94

Tyson Chandler’s tip outs are ghost writers for the Knicks success story this season. When he can’t get to a rebound in time, he is still a serious threat to regain possession for the Knicks.

In the NBA, there is no statistic to show the amount of times a player tips a ball out to his teammates. By league rules, rebounds are credited to the first player that gains possession of the ball immediately after a missed shot. The reason Chandler isn’t credited with a rebound is because he typically slaps it out towards the top of the key to no one in particular. However, when he knocks the ball back to one of his teammates directly, then he is given credit for the rebound.

This is all part of Chandler’s transition into becoming a more offensively-oriented player. All season long, we’ve seen Chandler on the receiving end of alley-oops and pick-and-rolls, but tapping the ball out is adding to that arsenal of offensive weapons.

“It’s been something that I’ve kind of just fell into over the course of my career,” Chandler said. “I’ve done it in the past, but now I think me and my teammates are starting to get a rhythm on it. I’m starting to know where they are on the floor. It’s an effective play.”

It’s also no coincidence that the Knicks lead the league in extra scoring chances this year. They average 4.7 of those a game, which is slightly better than the team behind them in that category, the Memphis Grizzlies. Last year, the Knicks averaged only 1.2 extra scoring chances a game.

Perhaps the big jump that the Knicks have made this season has something to do with having an extra five scoring chances per game. In games where the final scores have been decided by four points or fewer, the Knicks are 8-4. Winning these close games is how teams take that next step in the direction of getting home court in the playoffs, something the Knicks and their fans would love to have this season.

One of the biggest moments for the Knicks this season was created from Chandler’s tip-out expertise. Shown in the video above, J.R. Smith’s three-pointer falls short, and Chandler swats the ball out past midcourt. That’s not a backcourt violation, so the Knicks keep possession. After a few passes around the court, the ball finds J-Kidd, and he drains the shot.

Tyson Chandler currently leads the NBA in offensive rebounds with 224, which is eleven better than the Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph, who has 213. Chandler ranks sixth in the NBA in total rebounds.