Top Four All-Time Knicks All-Star Moments

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1. The 1975 All-Star Game


January 14th – Veterans Memorial coliseum, Phoenix, AZ.

 During the Knicks’ heyday of the 1970’s, Walt “Clyde” Frasier was the big star of Broadway. From his flashy offensive play to his stylish taste in his wardrobe, Frazier became an iconic symbol in the long, rich tradition of New York pro sports. After completing a Hall-of-Fame tenure, he’s gone on to an equally successful career in broadcasting, serving as a color analyst for the team’s TV and radio broadcasts. With so many memorable highlights of his illustrious career, one feat that stands out is his MVP performance in the 1975 game. He scored 30 points and cashed in on 10-of-11 from the free throw line as the East knocked off the West, 108-102. Check out this fancy behind-the-back pass from Frazier.

Photo by Dick Raphel | Getty Images| NBA E