First Half In Review: The Knicks' Top 5 Lineups

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With the All-Star break in the rearview mirror and the Knicks getting ready to make a push during the second half of the season, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the most successful lineup combinations from the first half.

Single-season (or in this case half-season) lineup data should be taken with a grain of salt for a number of reasons -- including the inherent statistical "noise" present with such a small sample size -- but it can prove worthwhile when analyzing which player combinations work best together and why.

The following list is ordered by point differential per 48 minutes, with a minimum requirement of 20 minutes on the court together for the 5-man unit. This leaves us with 26 different groups to assess from the Knicks' first 50 games.

The Knicks are getting healthy, so Coach Woodson should have a full roster at his disposal soon with which he can mix and match. Should be fun.