First Half In Review: The Knicks' Top 5 Lineups

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2) Felton-Kidd-Novak-Anthony-Chandler (+46.4)


With Kidd and Felton on the floor together, this is the backcourt alignment that Coach Woodson favors when his team is at full strength. They've played together for 30 minutes, but they are by far the most effective offensive group of those that qualified for this list. 

They are dynamic in the ways they can attack, with Chandler as an ideal pick-and-roll partner for any of Felton, Kidd or even Melo, who has been deadly at times as the ballhandler. Novak, of course, is an ideal floor-spacer. What's more, they average six assists for every turnover, so they do a fantastic job of maximizing their possessions.

This unit lacks size against some opponents because of the double-barrel point guard look, but they make up for any defensive shortcomings on the offensive end. They are scoring 147 points per 100 possessions, an astronomical number and the most of any qualified unit.