First Half In Review: The Knicks' Top 5 Lineups

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3) Kidd-Shumpert-Copeland-Anthony-Chandler (+38.8)


Like most of the Knicks' most successful lineups, this one features at least two knockdown shooters, a point guard adept at facilitating, and Chandler to do the dirty work. Because they like to use two point guards on the floor at the same time, this is also one of the bigger lineups the Knicks will trot out, with Shumpert in his natural spot at the 2 and Copeland with good size for his position at the 3.

They've only played 20 minutes together this season, but they have been one of the more balanced groups when it comes to shining on both ends of the floor. Kidd runs the show and they have responded in limited time by shooting over 60 percent. Copeland and Shumpert benefit from Kidd putting them in positions to score, while Chandler anchors them defensively. 

The result? They have given up a measly 85 points per 100 possessions on D.