First Half In Review: The Knicks' Top 5 Lineups

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Honorable Mention: Felton-Kidd-Smith-Anthony-Chandler


The Knicks' bell cow of lineups. Not quite as proficient as the previous ones listed, this group has played the second-most minutes (189) together, and in that time have been 23.9 points better than their opponents per 48 minutes. They do the heavy lifting, and while there are other more effective lineups, the mix of quantity and quality they have provided makes them worth a mention on this list. 

There is no question about the caliber of opposition this group faces -- it has frequently been Woodson's "closing" lineup, especially in the time before Stoudemire returned to the lineup -- and the one that is responsible for many of the big wins that put the Knicks in this position as they enter the stretch run of the season. If they are to win a championship, they will count on this group -- with the two point guards, the dynamic Smith, and Melo at the 4 where he's been so successful -- to carry it home.