First Half In Review: The Knicks' Top 5 Lineups

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5) Prigioni-Smith-Shumpert-Novak-Stoudemire (+31.1)


In 22 minutes together, this group has found great success by spreading the floor and punishing the opponent from deep -- of all qualified lineups, they have by far the best 3-point percentage at 62.5. 

You would expect Novak to be a part of such a strong shooting unit, but why this one? Two reasons:

1) Prigioni, a veteran, pass-first point guard is a master of creating opportunities for his teammates.

2) Balance. With Novak spacing the floor from the perimeter, Prigioni can play pick-and-roll with Stoudemire, while Smith and Shumpert are free to slash from the wings into an uncluttered lane.