Tyson Chandler’s Key Matchups This Week

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By: Brian Faith, Knicks Fan Since ’92

Less than a week after being named to his first NBA All-Star team, Tyson Chandler faces a trio of young, up-and-coming centers in the next three games. Nikola Vucevic, Larry Sanders, and DeMarcus Cousins all bring their own unique styles to matchups with the Knicks' defensive stalwart this week. Each of them currently lead their team in PER and have all shown flashes of a young Tyson Chandler early in their careers. It will be important for Chandler to stay out of foul trouble and get help on the boards in order to neutralize the effectiveness of Vucevic, Sanders, and Cousins. Chandler coming out on top in these matchups will be essential to the Knicks stringing together victories before the All-Star break.