Tie Yourself In A Bow: Tips From STAT’s Closet

By Dulce-Marie Flecha

Fashion isn’t hurting to find fans in the NBA. But Amar’e Stoudemire, who Calvin Klein hosted for a fashion show in Milan this summer, confided to Women’s Wear Daily that he is developing a menswear fashion line.

If you know anything about the man behind the #1 uniform, it’s hardly a surprise. Stoudemire is a staple at fashion week, has collaborated with designer Rachel Roy and has been featured on the cover of Vogue.

The man certainly knows how to use his paycheck to look the part of a fashion guru, but he’s also smart enough to know the difference between “expensive” and “stylish”.

Want to get some tips from the pro? Here are a few guidelines on fashion right out of STAT’s closet.

Dress It Up

It’s hard to find a picture of Amar’e without a button down and bow-tie, but even when he ditches his business casual attire, he gives off the air of a professional. For instance, try pairing your favorite graphic tee shirt with a great blazer. It’ll keep you feeling young and give you an excuse to keep your vintage Phil Jackson Knicks tee on when you go out with that special someone is currently judging your outfits.

Tie It In A Bow

Perhaps, one reason that Amar’e loves button-downs so much is his secret desire to show off his incredible tie collection. STAT has a tie to fit every occasion. Considering the cost of good suits and shirts versus the cost of a good tie, it makes sense to invest in neutral key pieces and then add variety with some small additions.

Make It Your Own

Do you know what’s really fun about Amar’e’s clothing collection ? It’s always so undeniably “Amar’e.”

Part of this personal branding is STAT’s willingness to invest the time and effort to develop his own style, but another, much more tangible aspect of this branding, is his talent to take into account detail. Whether it’s a hat, a bow-tie or some pins on a lapel, make sure you mark your territory with some small, affordable additions that make you stand out.