STAT of the Week: Ronnie Brewer’s Favorite Spot

Elsa/NBAE via Getty Images


By: David Vertsberger


It has likely come as a surprise to many, but Ronnie Brewer has surprisingly been the most cost-effective and efficient signing of the Knicks’ offseason. The 6’7” wingman was known for his defense while playing for the Utah Jazz and most recently the Chicago Bulls.  Since joining the Knicks, he has allowed just .85 points per possession from the opposing player and averaged over one steal per night, generating some pivotal fast breaks for the Knicks.


However, Brewer’s offense has also been a welcome addition to the Knicks’ overall attack.  Primarily known for his strong finishing and crisp cuts to the basket, this season he has also excelled beyond the three-point arc, which provides the following statistic of the week: Prior to the December 9, 2012 Nuggets game, 16 of Brewer’s 17 three-point makes this season have been the result of shots taken from the corner.  A similar stat was first tweeted by Taylor Armosino and has since been confirmed by’s stat tool.


As of recently, Brewer had shot 44% from the corners, turning him into more than just a lockdown defender but also a steady spot-up shooter, while Carmelo Anthony, Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler ferociously attack the basket.  Ronnie Brewer’s shooting is noticeably better than the Knicks’ recent prior options with respect to spot-up marksmen.  If Brewer can keep up his accuracy from the three-point range as the season progresses, opposing defenses will have an even tougher job guarding the already tough-to-stop Knicks’ offense.