Olympiacos Basketball Player Profile

(Credit: Olympiacos Basketball)


One of the best young players not only for Greek but for European basketball has an active role by now in the Olympiacos roster. Kostas Papanikolaou has been among the greatest contemporary talents and his successes with junior National selections are proof enough.
However, this era is already over and now he’s a basic member of the Men’s national team and of Olympiacos as well. Being among the key players of the “reds” does not been nevertheless that he isn’t learning anymore or that there is no room for improvement.
He shoots well, he plays excellent defense and does things that are not obvious to the average fan but are valuable to a team like rebounding in both defense and offense.
Accolades: European Champion with the U18 National selection in 2008 in Amaliada. Silver medal with the U17 team in the 2007 Eurobasket in Madrid. European Champion with the U19 team in Rhodes – MVP of the tournament. Silver medal with the U19 team in the New Zealand Mundobasekt in 2009. Silver medal with the National U20 team in the 2010 Eurobasket. Greek Cup winner in 2010 and 2011.
1. Favorite movie: The pursuit of happiness 
2. Favorite song: Nothing in particular
3. Favorite actor/actress: Yiannis Bezos - Petros Filippides
4. Favorite singer: Vassilis Karras 
5. He would like to meet Michael Jordan
6. Favorite player: Michael Jordan 
7. Hobby: Watching movies
8. He always carries with him: My cross 
9. Favorite comic hero: Bugs Bunny 
10. Best moment in his career: The golden medal in Pyrgos 
11. Favorite travel destination: My parent’s village at Trikala 
12. Message to the fans: We thank those who believe on us