ESPN Sport Science: Jeremy Lin

Jonah Ballow


Speed, strength, and leaping ability are some of the key factors examined when teams draft or acquire young prospects in the NBA. As seen in his meteoric rise, Jeremy Lin owns the other intangibles that are difficult to measure, such as, clutch shooting, leadership, vision, and feel for the game.

As EPN Sports Science uncovered, Lin is remarkably quick with extreme dribble penetration and he possesses a rapid release. The video proves that Lin’s sudden explosion in the NBA is not a fluke or flash in the pan. He can match or top some of the elite athletes at his position, which is a great sign for the future career for the 23-year old.

The ESPN Sports Science team utilized a specific drive against the Lakers where John Brenkus describes Lin’s amazing quickness, “Within three strides, he can accelerate from essentially zero to roughly 10 MPH in less than one second. That’s acceleration on par with 2010 No. 1 draft pick John Wall.”

In this example, ESPN Sports Science provides visual evidence of his hesitation dribble and spin moves that help create space in the lane for open looks at the rim. “Spin moves that measure at nearly 900 degrees per second, that’s almost as fast as spin speeds measured from the league’s reining MVP, Derrick Rose,” Brenkus stated.

When Lin drilled the game-winner in Toronto, ESPN Sports Science measured his release angle at 50 degrees, which is a separation of two degrees from the optimal release, according to Brenkus. Additionally, Brenkus explains his quick release, “Getting up three’s on average in only 0.60 seconds, that’s faster than the average release time of the greatest three-point shooter of all-time, Ray Allen.”

Check out ESPN Sports Science here.

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