KnicksNow Takeover: Alan Hahn

To get ready for tonight's Knicks-Celtics matchup, Alan Hahn answered questions from fans LIVE on Read outtakes below and tune into MSG beginning at 7:30 for complete game coverage from Boston.

MrButtonPusher: "Hey alan. What positives can you point out of Mike D'Antoni?"

AH: "He's in a tough situation right now because he runs an offense that relies on strong point guard play and the roster does not have a (healthy) starting-quality point guard. So as far as positives go, he is pretty good at finding ways to get something out of nothing -- or very little -- but he will experiment until he finds it."

Matt Niemczyk: "Seriously when is Davis coming back?"

AH:  "I used to believe he would be back by late January but I underestimated the factor that he hasn't played full-court basketball in 10 months. So he needs his own training camp to get ready. So now I'm aiming for the all-star break, as a very conservative window. It could be sooner. But people have to understand that if he came back and wasn't at full strength and then played poorly, it would only produce more negativity. He knows how important he can be to this team and therefore it's important he is 100 percent ready to go when he hits the court." 

omar: "what are the chances tyson makes the all star team. hes been the lone consistent bright spot on the knicks"

AH: "Omar I think Tyson has a good chance to be a reserve on the All-Star team. He's been very good. But Roy Hibbert will have to get some consideration, too, and he's on a winning team. Same for Joakim Noah."

ShareefJackson: "Does it crush the Knicks to lose a close game to a great Bulls team, or does it make us optimistic about the future?"

AH: "If they hadn't had that 9 L's in last 10 before the win over Detroit, the loss to Chicago would be a hard-fought loss and a tough battle. But when you're desperate for wins, it's harder to take these near-misses. It's just the situation they're in. They're going to have to start winning some of these tough ones."

imanshumpert21: "Do you think that shumpert could be a real big player in the future for the KNicks"

AH:  "Absolutely. I think he'll be excellent off the bench once -- if? -- Baron Davis can emerge as the starter. The bench needs energy and an identity and Iman can bring that. He's being asked to grow up rather quickly."  

Chris Glanzman: "Do you believe Fields has turned the corner and is now back to the player we refused to include in any trade?"

AH: "He certainly is showing it. His shooting touch is coming around and his energy level has been great. Look, Landry is what he is. He's not a prototypical shooting guard, but he is a very good role/niche player. When he plays with confidence, he is very effective."

mIkeLway:  "When is Josh Harrellson expected back?"

AH: "After all-star break. Amazing to think how much the Knicks miss a second-round pick rookie who no one expected to make the team."