KCD Visits The Great Wall Of China

Ni Hao! Greetings from Beijing. Today we had the day off so we decided to go see The Great Wall of China.  It was such an amazing experience. In order to get up to the wall we had to take a ride on a cable line in which we were able to look out at all the surrounding nature including the mountains. Then once we got to the wall we did a lot of walking, exploring, taking pictures of all the different views, and of course a little bit of dancing! In order to get down from the wall we had to each ride an individual tobaggon down a slide which was so much fun. And then we finished the day off by picking up some souveniers for our family and friends in the market at the entrance. I am so happy we were able to spend our day off exploring the Great Wall but tomorrow its back to work again! See you soon New York :)

<3 KCD Jess